Hindi Voice Typing

Hindi speech typing is a free online software which lets you type in hindi using using your Microphone. You do not need any additional software, just keep on voice dictation in English and resulting text will appear in Hindi automatically.

Click on the microphone icon and begin hindi speaking for as long as you like.

Press Control-C to copy text.

(Command-C on Mac.)

Text sent to default email application.

(See chrome://settings/handlers to change.)


Hindi voice typing tool utilizes Google Voice API's in the Chrome browser to transcribe spoken words into text. It has been embraced by programmers and web masters who have created various online notebooks and services based on this open source code. These services are particularly valuable for individuals with disabilities and are generally indispensable for many users. Especially those who constantly type texts on the computer, and for whom working on the Internet with texts is the main source of income. There is a desire among many individuals to make the process of transcription easier. However, with some practice, it is possible to achieve high-quality translations of speech to text in Hindi using these online services.

To start converting voice to text, you will require following :

In other browsers, voice typing in Hindi, may not work.

Steps to Convert Hindi Voice to Text ?

You can follow below steps to get converted hindi text 

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