Tamil Voice Typing

Tamil speech typing is a free online software which lets you type in Tamil using using your Microphone. You do not need any additional software, just keep on voice dictation in Tamil and resulting text will appear in Tamil automatically.

Click on the microphone icon and begin Tamil speaking for as long as you like.

Press Control-C to copy text.

(Command-C on Mac.)

Text sent to default email application.

(See chrome://settings/handlers to change.)


Tamil voice typing tool utilizes Google Voice API's in the Chrome browser to transcribe spoken words into text. Tamil speech to text is a technological innovation that enables users to input text in the Tamil language using their voice. It leverages speech recognition technology to convert spoken words into written text, making it convenient for individuals who are more comfortable speaking Tamil than typing it.

With Tamil voice typing, users can dictate their thoughts, messages, or documents in Tamil, and the system transcribes their speech into written words in real-time. This technology not only simplifies the process of text input but also promotes accessibility and inclusivity, allowing individuals with limited typing skills or physical disabilities to communicate effectively in Tamil.

Tamil voice typing systems employ advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to accurately recognize Tamil speech patterns and convert them into text. These systems continually improve their accuracy by analyzing large datasets of Tamil speech and incorporating user feedback.

The availability of Tamil voice typing has expanded the possibilities for various applications, such as messaging, email composition, note-taking, and content creation. It has made it easier for Tamil-speaking individuals to interact with digital devices, especially smartphones and computers, without relying solely on traditional typing methods.

Tamil voice typing is a testament to the progress in natural language processing and speech recognition technologies. By bridging the gap between spoken Tamil and written text, it enhances communication and empowers individuals to express themselves more conveniently in their native language.

To start converting voice to text, you will require following :

In other browsers, voice typing in Tamil, may not work.

Steps to Convert Tamil Voice to Text ?

You can follow below steps to get converted Tamil text 

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